My Life's Purpose

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Energy Healer

I am an energy healer and certified Reiki practitioner. I believe the health of the soul is vital to the spiritual, physical, and emotional health of humans and animals. I serve as a Soul Invigoration Guide using the practice of Reiki, along with essential oils, healing crystals, and channel counseling to assist you in achieving optimum vitality. Learn more about what an energy healing session with me can do for your life!

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As an author, I aim to motivate and inspire mindfulness and infinite possibilities. I recently published the children's book "The Adventures of Cleo and Sophie: Trip to the Moon" based on my two adorable dogs. This early reader is full of fun and activities to include reading comprehension, creative writing, drawing and coloring pages! It's message is "DREAM BIG" and all are capable of achieving the desires of their heart! 

My adult fiction writing is a reflection of my spiritual journey and captures the essence of inspirational fiction with a sci-fi twist. My first novel, "Enslaved: The Lady and Her Pentagon" was released  in February 2019  with outstanding reviews! Check out my author page to learn more!

Ericka Reynolds speaking at Hampton University's Leadership Summit.

Public Speaker

I've recently stepped into my calling in public speaking and spoke at Hampton University's Leadership Summit where I addressed the subject of living a limitless life and avoiding a life of self-imprisonment. Read my full speech on the "Speaker" page!

Nice to Meet You!

Hello, I'm Ericka Reynolds! 

By day I am Chief of Logistics and Facilities Management for the Concepts Development Management Office for the United States Air Force. By night, and on weekends, I am an energy healer, author, and public speaker. 

I have only just begun my journey of expanding my world and stepping out of my comfort zone to be of service to myself and others. I am so excited to see how it unfolds!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about healing sessions, books, or public speaking events. I'm happy to chat!

Shop My Work

Children's Book and Coloring Pages

Children's Book and Coloring Pages

Children's Book and Coloring Pages

Cover photo of children's book called The Adventures of Cleo and Sophie: Trip to the Moon.

The Adventures of Cleo and Sophie: 

Trip to the Moon 

 This early reader is filled with tons of fun to include activity pages and is great for first discovery of space for young readers. 

Adult Fiction Novel

Children's Book and Coloring Pages

Children's Book and Coloring Pages

Cover of book called "Enslaved: The Lady and Her Pentagon" by Ericka Reynolds.

 Enslaved: The Lady and Her Pentagon 

Transport yourself into the daily world of the Pentagon as Ava McClure struggles to balance her bureaucratic existence with her heart's desire.

Healing Pet Amulets

Children's Book and Coloring Pages

Healing Pet Amulets


These handmade amulets attach to your animal’s collar, harness, bed or crate and gives loving healing energy!

Let's Work Together!

Distance energy sessions are available for you and your pets during COVID. Feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you!