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Energy is boundless and travels through space and time. Social distancing does not restrict us from the exchange of energy. During these times when we are keeping ourselves safe, please know I offer distance energy healing sessions for people and animals! 

Picture of two small dogs in front of flowers.

Energy Healing for the Furry Ones

It's A Family Affair!

I serve as a Soul Invigoration Guide using the practice of Reiki, along with essential oils, healing crystals and channel counseling to assist in the healing of physical, emotional and behavior issues. I believe the wellbeing of animals is directly linked to the wellness of their parents therefore my sessions include time connecting with the animal as well as animal and parent bonding time through breathwork, affirmations and meditation. My sessions are designed to promote healing and relaxation for the soul, body and mind. Animal parents also receive a copy of helpful human relaxation tips to assist with ultimate soul invigoration for the entire family.

I also provide Natural Animal Remedies Workshops where I provide animal parents with education and guidance on a variety of topics to include energy healing, essential oils, crystals, earthing, and flower remedies. 

Veterinary Holistic Center

Animal sessions and workshops are located at the Veterinary Holistic Center in Springfield, VA. We can't wait to see you there!

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Healing Pet Amulets


I use crystals during my Reiki sessions because they are a wonderful compliment to the session as they provide healing and relaxing energy along with Reiki.

It is important to me that my clients continue to feel the loving calm relaxing healing energy long past our sessions together.

I now have the pleasure of offering healing amulets from Four Paws Acupuncture to my clients so they can continue receiving the healing power of crystals beyond our sessions!

These lovely healing amulets are handmade with semi precious stones and charged with Reiki and make for a wonderful compliment to your animal’s holistic lifestyle ❤️

The amulet attaches to your animal’s collar, harness, bed or crate and gives loving healing energy!

Veterinary Holistic Center

7950 Woodruff Court, Springfield, Virginia 22151, United States